Our Curriculum
  • Cognitive Development

    Includes the child’s absorbing of actual facts and data applicable to the world around him.

  • Language Development

    Includes the child’s ability to communicate with others, express thoughts and relay experiences through expressive and receptive language skills.

  • Fine and Large Motor Development

    Includes the child’s gross motor skills (running, jumping, climbing) as well the fine motor skills (coloring, printing, cutting).

  • Social-Emotional Development

    Includes the child’s individual perspective of themselves within the world around them; strengthens self-esteem and the ability to express feelings while at the same time understand other’s feelings.

Welcome to Custer Parkway Preschool!

Our Mission

The mission of Custer Parkway Preschool (CPP), is to provide early childhood education and quality care to young children throughout the surrounding community at a nurturing environment.

Custer Parkway Preschool is a recognized leader in the early childhood development field by integrating early childhood education into small, age appropriate classrooms.

CPP builds it’s educational success on the one-on-one learning classroom environment that encourages young children to think, reason and use their own problem solving skills. By integrating the children’s strong deductive reasoning with the highest quality of early childhood education, CPP ensures children’s success through the first years of the exciting journey of learning.


Custer Road Parkway Preschool

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