Tuition Policy

Tuition Policies

Custer Parkway Preschool (CPP) requires an annual $150 registration fee at the time of enrollment. However, CPP does not charge any supply or activity fees. Extracurricular activities are provided at no cost to the child’s family, and both the AM Snack and PM Snack are also offered without charge.

CPP’s tuition rates are calculated based on a formula that prorates annual tuition over a 236-school-day year. This prorated approach ensures that families have a fixed tuition amount per month, rather than facing varied charges for months with differing numbers of school days. Consequently, there is no reduction in tuition for months that include holiday closings.


In the event of a child’s withdrawal from CPP, a written withdrawal letter must be submitted to the director at least two weeks before the last day of attendance. Tuition is payable for these two weeks, regardless of whether the child attends CPP during that period or not.

Our Mission

Security Measures

To ensure your child’s safety, our premises are equipped with several cameras that record 24 hours a day. Although these cameras cannot be viewed remotely, they are accessible in the lobby and available for administrative review if necessary. Secured access is exclusively provided to parents or legal guardians, using only the front door. The front office is continuously staffed for security purposes.

Children are permitted to leave the building only with authorized persons. Please notify the office in writing if someone not on your authorized list will be picking up your child. Such individuals will be required to present photo identification upon arrival at the school. Perimeter gates are consistently securely locked for added protection.

Extra Curricular Activities

Tuition Policy

    Embedded Within The Curriculum:

  • Weekly Dance Dreams
  • Weekly Yoga
  • Weekly Spanish
  • Daily Sign language
  • Monthly puppet& story Time
  • Daily Pre-K building language for Literacy


1) Can I visit my child during his/her school day and or help in any way?

CPP encourages parents to actively participate in their child’s growth. Feel free to join your child, but we recommend scheduling a time to volunteer with the director. We encourage parents to contribute a minimum of two hours per year in one of the following categories: phone duty, direct donation, making materials, sewing, spring and fall classroom cleaning, playground cleaning, and gardening.

2) How do I know what type of activities my child is involved in?
CPP is committed to maintaining a high level of communication with all parents. Examples include monthly newsletters, the Parent Bulletin Board, daily update charts (for the 2’s), and weekly reports for preschoolers. The Monthly Newsletter provides information on upcoming events, curriculum updates, and other helpful details. The Parent Bulletin Board posts certificates, recent inspections, menus, etc. The Weekly Report informs you of nutritional, educational, social, and physical updates for your child.

3) How will my child be disciplined if necessary?

The classroom rules emphasize teaching appropriate behavior through fairness and consistency. Children are guided toward appropriate behavior through positive reinforcement, diversion, and/or discussion with the child on better ways to handle situations. Caregivers are only allowed to use positive methods of discipline and guidance that encourage self-esteem, self-control, and self-direction. There will be NO harsh, cruel, or unusual treatment at any time.

4) Does CPP offer Vision and Hearing Screening?

The Vision and Hearing Screening Program, Chapter 36 of the Texas Health and Safety Code, mandates that all children enrolled in any public, private, parochial, or denominational school, and are 4 years old by September 1st, must be screened or have a professional examination for possible vision and hearing problems. CPP provides this service at no additional cost.

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