Our Program
Cognitive Development

Includes the child’s absorbing of actual facts and data applicable to the world around him. Colors/shapes and letter recognition for the two-year olds quickly open the doors to number recognition and phonics for the older threes and youngest fours forming the basis for early reading and math skills for the oldest four-year olds.

These areas of early development are integrated throughout each of the curriculum listed:

Scholastic Five Senses Preschool Curriculum – authored by CPP’s own educational consultant, this nationally published curriculum allows young children to experience and validate hundreds of learning concepts; thereby building a bridge of understanding and application of new-found knowledge.

Celebrate The World Social Studies Curriculum – instills the concepts of respect, tolerance, fairness and cooperation into each child’s social development.

Explore Math through Art Curriculum – utilizes visual, hands-on activities providing age-appropriate activities to strengthen pre-math concepts.

Cove School Language Curriculum – advanced phonics-based activities designed to reinforce four-year olds early reading skills.

Extra-Curricular Programs – CPP offers at no cost to the parents weekly sessions of Spanish lessons, dance/movement classes and preschool art lessons to further enhance the overall development of the children.