Roxana C. 10/2023
Custer Parkway Preschool’s curriculum is pedagogically impressive and their teachers provide a phenomenal learning environment full of rigor and relevance! The owner started her career there as a pre-k teacher nearly twenty years ago. She is one of the greatest advocates of early childhood education and doesn’t allow anything to get in the way of a child’s learning experience. Her story is absolutely inspiring and beautiful!

Sophia R. 9/2023
Since entrusting CPP with our children in March 2021, our worries as first-time preschool parents were swiftly alleviated. Ms. Parisa’s consistent warmth and genuine smiles set the tone for the entire establishment. Her impeccable choice in nurturing teachers ensures that our children are not only known by name but truly loved. While I’d cherish every moment at home with my kids, CPP provides a comforting and loving second home that we are eternally grateful for.

Danielle M. 9/2023
We have absolutely loved our experience with CPP! Both of our children have gone through the program with our youngest still attending. We interviewed several schools before finally finding Parisa and CPP. Parisa and her staff have been a huge blessing and have truly become part of our family! We couldn’t recommend them more to any family looking for a well-structured school that truly cares about students’ growth and academics.

Natalie G. 9/2023
Custer Parkway Preschool provides a positive, engaging atmosphere where everyone feels like family, and my kids thrive both emotionally and academically. The staff at CPP care about my children as if they were their own. Where to send your child for daycare is such an important decision, and we are so thankful to have found a place that makes that choice easy.

Rebecca R. 10/2023
CPP has been an amazing experience for our family. As parents to 4 children, former early childhood directors, and current elementary school teachers, we have been beyond impressed by how friendly the entire staff is, the parent-teacher communication, the curriculum, and how seriously they take the health and safety of each student. CPP is a safe, fun, creative early childhood school, and we are grateful it is a huge part of our family!

Dorothy E. 8/2023
Custer Parkway Preschool has provided an enriching childcare and preschool experience for both of my daughters. As an educator and mom who is greatly invested in the growth of my children, CPP has done an exceptional job at fostering opportunities to support my daughters holistically and wholeheartedly. Between the warm and caring staff, a multitude of academic opportunities, and experiences to enrich the whole child, I would highly recommend families to consider CPP to serve their childcare needs from infancy through Pre-K.

Kristin W. 10/2022
Custer Parkway is amazing! My son was beyond ready for school once he went through the 3-4yr classes. So much so that we ended up sending him to an advanced school because he was beyond traditional kindergarten.

Simona 9/2022
The team at Custer Parkway Preschool make every single child feel like they are one big family. My foster daughter learned her alphabet, numbers, and was speaking Spanish within 4 weeks of starting school here. She couldn’t do any of this when she first arrived! Thank you all for your excellence in teaching!

Michelle 5/2022
We are very fortunate to have found CPP! The teachers here are simply the best. Our daughter has learned so much this year and has had a blast doing it! Thank you so much!

Nicholey 9/2019
Custer Parkway Preschool is the best thing that could have happened socially and academically for my son. He made lifelong friends which boosted his confidence and gave him important social skills. More importantly, he has developed a hunger to learn reading, science, and math. I am so impressed by the caring and professional staff at CPP. They are all dedicated and committed to fostering healthy and happy children.

Stephanie 4/2018
Custer Parkway Preschool is a place you can send your kids to and know they will leave there smarter and completely prepared for the next chapter in their lives. They take the impossible and make it possible. As a teacher, I see the kids that come from CPP each year and I am thoroughly impressed with their ability when they enter Kindergarten. GO CPP!!!

Yeshai 4/2018
We have had both of our children go through all grades and all teachers. All I can say is A+ on everything. I couldn’t be happier with the experience and the preparation for Kindergarten. The best part is the loving and encouraging teachers and staff.

John & Karla 2/2018
It’s hard to believe that three years ago we started this adventure at CPP!!! Now, we are just months away from the Pre-School graduation!!! Our son is so ready for the transition to Kindergarten; exciting and amazing!! There is so much to thank you and your staff for. It has been such a positive, very rich and fulfilling preschool experience for our son, Joshua. He has learned to adjust to changes as well as to trust his new teacher(s) and school environment through the last three years. He has also established great friendships. We especially value the exposure he has been getting to the beginnings of the Kindergarten academics, Spanish language, physical exercise as well as social interactions by playing at the different living centers at school. It is because of you and your outstanding staff that our son feels ready to embrace his new transition into Kindergarten. A very sincere “thank you” to you and the outstanding teachers at CPP!!! Thank you for all the fun times, your hard work and dedication, but especially for your personal touch and “one-on-one” attention to help our son develop all his social skills as well as academics standards!!! We wish you and CPP lots of success in your future!!!

Aleese 11/2017
I wanted to let you know that an average of 50 kindergarteners tested for PACE (talented and gifted program). Caleb was 1 of only 5 that were accepted. He is reading at the end of 2nd grade beginning of 3rd grade level. He has scored very high for math as well.We want to thank you at CPP for assisting him in advancing as far as he has. Please let Ms. Lenora and Ms. Evelyn know that we are very grateful to them. His teacher loves him and favors him I think. She said he is the only one that gets her jokes. Hope to see you soon.

Colleen 1/2017
My daughter, Anna, was very well prepared for the transition to kindergarten this past fall after being enrolled the pre-K class at CPP. She gained a strong foundation in phonics, sight words, early writing skills, and math that really allowed her to excel in kindergarten from early on rather than struggling to learn the basics. I was impressed by how the teachers found a balance between keeping preschool fun and engaging everyday while also introducing more table/work time and guiding the children towards follow-through and self-discipline. These skills became invaluable when she entered kindergarten and the kids were immediately expected to attend for longer periods of time and take on a large workload, including homework. The pre-K teachers also encouraged independent skills (i.e. putting on a coat, tying shoes) which, in turn, increased my daughter’s self-confidence when she began kindergarten with many of these tasks already mastered, compared to many of her peers. She tested at a 3rd grade reading level when she entered kindergarten – Ms. Evelyn and Ms. Lenora helped immensely in fostering her love for reading. I cannot say how thankful I am for the exceptional pre-K curriculum at CPP. We are off to a great start academically for Anna.

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