Ages 2-3 Years

Exploring, Learning, And Having Fun – Toddlers On The Run!

Toddler 2

Physical and motor development for toddlers is a crucial aspect of their early childhood growth. It paves the way for their increasing independence and their ability to explore and interact with the world around them. Our caregivers support this development through age-appropriate activities and providing a safe and stimulating environment for toddlers to practice and refine their physical and motor skills.

  • Language Enrichment: Promoting language development through interactive conversations, storytelling, and introduction to basic sentence structures.
  • Social Interaction and Cooperation: Encouraging group activities and cooperative play to enhance social skills, sharing, and the beginnings of peer interaction.
  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills Refinement: Providing activities that refine fine motor skills, such as holding crayons and using utensils, as well as further developing gross motor skills through dance and outdoor play.
  • Cognitive Exploration: Offering hands-on experiences with puzzles, building blocks, and educational games to stimulate cognitive development and problem-solving.
  • Creative Expression: Nurturing creativity through various art mediums, imaginative play, and music activities to allow for self-expression and exploration.
  • Introduction to Early Math and Science Concepts: Introducing basic math concepts like counting and sorting, as well as simple science experiments to foster curiosity and foundational understanding.
  • Emotional Regulation: Supporting emotional development by teaching coping strategies, identifying emotions, and providing a safe space for emotional expression.
  • Independence and Self-Help Skills: Encouraging independence in daily activities, such as dressing themselves, toileting, and cleaning up after play.
  • Basic Problem-Solving Skills: Guiding toddlers in basic problem-solving scenarios to promote critical thinking and decision-making skills.
  • Structured Learning Activities: Introducing structured learning activities that follow a routine, helping toddlers develop a sense of order and predictability.

At our preschool, we are dedicated to creating an environment that sparks curiosity, encourages exploration, and supports the holistic development of each child in the dynamic 2 to 3-year-old age group.

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